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    Welcome to the Community Toolkit

    A one-stop shop that offers case studies, white papers, videos and templates to help local telecommunications providers and civic leaders launch their efforts to bring ultra high speed broadband to their communities!

    Value Proposition

    Why Gigabit Broadband over Fiber Infrastructure?

    Value Proposition for Communities

    Case studies and other documentation from communities that have deployed FTTH

    Economic studies on benefits from gigabit/fiber deployments


    Building and Implementing the Business Plan

    Resources to help you create a business case for FTTH, determine the need and the costs, assemble an asset inventory and more.


    Model RFP's

    Our partner Gig.U has developed six detailed Request-for-Proposals to covering private, public and partnership initiatives.


    Building Community Support

    Ideas and case studies for educating your community’s residents and spurring demand for ultra high speed broadband connectivity.


    Managing the Project

    Information, suggestions and lessons learned from those who have experience deploying FTTH networks in other communities.

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