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    On November 4th, the five FTTH Councils will celebrate Gimme Fiber Day, an annual event created to showcase how fiber has positively impacted communities across the world and what policymakers around the globe can do to help advance the roll-out and take-up of fiber optics.

    The date for the annual celebration of fiber optics was selected as it corresponds with the birthday of the man who changed the way the world communicates, Professor Charles Kao.

    To commemorate ‘Gimme Fiber’ Day, the FTTH Council Americas has a series of activities planned that will highlight the role fiber deployment has made in bringing countless communities into the 21st century. We will also host an event in a city that has deployed a fiber network in order to showcase the many benefits of the network. The venue will be announced at the FTTH Connect 2016 in Nashville, June 13-15.

    If your city is interested in hosting the 2016 Gimme Fiber Day, please fill out the Gimme Fiber Day application.


    Gimme Fiber Day 2015

    To commemorate ‘Gimme Fiber’ Day 2015, the FTTH Council Americas has chosen Canby Telcom, serving the northern Willamette Valley of Oregon as this year’s North American “Gimme Fiber Day” Award winner.  

    Click here to see their celebration plans! 

     Canby Telcom is not new to building fiber-to-the-home, but by rolling out gigabit high-speed Internet last April to over 2,500 Canby addresses, it has helped build one of the first gigabit communities in the Pacific northwest. At the announcement, economic development director with the City of Canby, Renate Mengelberg called the service “…a game-changer for attracting new industry and jobs to the city.” 

    For an overview of Canby Telcom, click here.

    To see on YouTube, click here


    Archives:   Gimme Fiber Day 2014

    Click HERE to see the event!

    The FTTH Council Americas chose EPB, serving Chattanooga, Tennessee as the 2014 North American “Gimme Fiber Day” Award winner.   As New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote: Chattanooga has replaced its belching smokestacks with an fulfillment center, major health care and insurance companies and a beehive of tech start-ups that all thrive on big data and super-high-speed Internet. All of this has been driven by EPB’s deployment of an all fiber network to its homes and businesses.

    EPB Fiber Optics and the Fiber to the Home Council  celebrated Gimme Fiber Day at the kickoff of Chattanooga Startup Week with Foundry Group Co-Founder Brad Feld. 

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