FTTH Council History

    The Fiber to the Home Council was established in July 2001 as the result of efforts lead by Alcatel-Lucent, Corning Incorporated and Optical Solutions. The Council’s charter and continued mandate is the education, promotion and acceleration of fiber to the home throughout North America. Original membership included companies from telecommunications, computing, networking, system integration and content-provider businesses, as well as traditional telecommunications service providers, utilities, municipalities and real estate developers.

    The Council’s first meeting to elect a board of directors and committee chairpersons was held in August 2001. Forty-seven companies, primarily vendors and manufacturers, became Council members at that time. Since then, the FTTH Council North America has grown to include more than 320 company-members, more than half of which are FTTH network operators. In 2009, the Council expanded to include a chapter in Latin America.

    To read the press release announcing the FTTH Council, click here.

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