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    Members of the Board of Directors are the people who set the course for the FTTH Council Americas and make critical decisions regarding its activities and programs. It is vitally important that those who serve on this body have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that the Council is always headed in the right direction and that it continues to deliver value to the fiber to the home industry. Annual elections for members of the Board of Directors are held each year during the 4th quarter at the Premier Members’ Strategy Session for terms that commence as of January 1 of the following year.

    Commencing with the 2013 Board, members (other than those serving transitional terms) will be elected for three-year terms.  Only Premier-level members, who belong to North America or jointly NA/LATAM, can serve on the Board and vote in the elections.  Each company member has one vote.

    During the current transition period to three-year terms and the implementation of term limits, the number of Director openings and length of terms may vary until 2015.  At this year's elections there will be six Board of Directors seats up for election, those of Kevin Bourg (Aurora), Dave Kiel (Corning), Barry Walton (Bell Aliant), Mike Hill (On Trac Inc), John George (OFS) and George O'Neal (GVTC). Only Barry Walton has chosen not to run for 2014. All directors whose terms are expiring and wish to continue to serve on the Board must run for re-election against any other Premier members who submit qualified nominations.

    Of the six openings, the top three vote recipients will each serve three (3) year terms, while the next three will each serve one (1) year terms.  

    To nominate a candidate, or to self-nominate, please submit the name along with answers to this downloadable
    (to the Council President, Heather Burnett Gold, at heather.b.gold@ftthcouncil.org no later than close of business on November 29, 2013.. Please download the position description outlining the duties and responsibilities of Board of Directors.  As you will see, the Council expects its Directors to be fully engaged in its activities.

     Proxy or absentee votes will be accepted from one week prior to the election date starting on December 2nd.  Proxy or absentee votes must be sent to  elections@ftthcouncil.org. The six candidates with the highest vote counts will be elected.  If there is tie such that more than six candidates qualify, a run-off vote will be held.  Members must be present in Austin to cast their votes for any run-offs. Each candidate should be prepared to give a short presentation at the Strategy Session as to why they are interested in running for the Board and their qualifications.

    Comments or questions on the voting process should go to elections@ftthcouncil.org.

    The candidates running will be posted here on December 2, 2013.

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