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    Join the Fiber to the Home Council on the Gigabit Highway and Learn How to Put Your Community in the Fast Lane

    Community and business leaders across the U.S. understand that they must upgrade their broadband networks for their communities to remain competitive in the global economy. But information on how to achieve that goal is hard to find and often overwhelmingly technical. Building upon the experiences of its own members and that of its partners, the FTTH Council Americas will be holding this special conference December 9-10, 2014 in Raleigh, North Carolina to provide communities with the Toolkit they need to deploy gigabit networks.


    Hear from those on the frontlines of the gigabit revolution—public and private sector leaders who have brought (or are bringing) ultra-high speed broadband to their communities. Through general sessions and interactive workshops, we will showcase the tools to get gigabit deployed, including an understanding of the value proposition of gigabit networks and how to create an asset inventory, aggregate demand, issue an RFP, and manage implementation. Conference participants will include:

    • State and local government officials
    • Community/civic leaders
    • Companies and organizations that deliver video, Internet, and/or voice services over high-bandwidth, next-generation, direct fiber optic connections
    • Companies that manufacture FTTH products and others involved in planning and building FTTH networks

    This is the event for you to connect with and learn from peers who have gone through the steps of building an all-fiber network and, most importantly, to craft an action plan that you can take home and begin implementing.

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