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    Want Even Better Video Calls Over Fiber? Introducing Telepresence Robots
    Wednesday, August 12th, 2 pm EST

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    What's better than having a video call over fiber? Having a video call with a telepresence robot called Kubi. Whether it's for distance learning, telemedicine, or remote working - the experience of being able to look around is extremely engaging. 

    In this webinar, Revolve Robotics will be joined by Corey Benninger from ETSY, Josh Amos from Lucas Therapies, Nate Graham from Children's Miracle Hospital Network, and others to talk about how telepresence robotics are game changers for business communications in video calls over fiber. 


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    Removing the Mystery from OTDR Measurements
    Tuesday, August 18th, 2 pm EST

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    A lot of technicians have a high level of apprehension when it comes to using an OTDR. This presentation gives a basic overview of the OTDR so that a technician will be able to determine what key settings have to be, perform a measurement and then refine the measurement so that the best possible data is attained. Typical measurement data is presented so that the technician can learn how to properly interpret the results. 

    Keith Foord 
    Product Manager, Fiber Optics 
    Greenlee Communications 

    Keith Foord is a fiber optic engineer at Greenlee Communications. He has been in the fiber optic industry for 26 years working in the design and development of OTDR's, OLTS's, laser sources and detectors. OTDR technology expertise includes handheld and laboratory instruments that are conventional pulsed technology and centimeter resolution high dynamic range (greater than 100dB) which employ photon counting techniques. 

    Recorded webinars and pdf's will be made available below for FTTH Council members only, after the presentation.

    Past Webinars

    Past webinars are available to FTTH Council Members Only.  

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