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    Why Optimizing Your Network Design Reduces Time and Cost of FTTH Delivery

    March 4, 4:00 PM EST

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     Presented by:  Boni Botha, Chief Sales Officer, Biarri Networks

    During the webinar Boni will discuss how operations research is at the forefront of current global FTTH projects assisting both large and small operators in reducing significant design time as well as construction costs.  
    This agile collaborative process utilised across planning and design quickly generates low-cost fibre network designs based on the requirements of the reference architecture. It can determine optimal fibre area boundaries, position of fibre hubs, and the layout and route of distribution and local fibre

    About Boni Botha:

    Boni’s current role is in extending the Biarri footprint globally and putting it in the hands of organisations that are looking to drive efficiency, cost reduction and collaboration across various stakeholders as it relates to deployment of Fiber Optic Network projects.
    Boni’s career has been focused on translating complex solutions into real life value and through the process aligning the goals of his customers with world class solutions.  


    Past Webinars

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