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    April 22nd at 2:00 PM EST

    The State of the FTTH Council 

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    Town Hall Meeting with Heather Burnett Gold, President, FTTH Council Americas 


    It has been a very busy first quarter for the  Council and there is lots in store for our members in the coming months. Join President Heather Burnett Gold as she reviews important initiatives – the Gigabit Race to the Top Petition and the Gigabit Highway Regional Conference series  –  undertaken in the last six months on your behalf. Heather will also update members on projects lined up in the coming months.  

    The Council is hard at work to benefit your business with its Fiber is on Fire message to both media and public policymakers. Bring your questions to our interactive town hall meeting with Heather Burnett Gold.

    April 30th at 2:30 PM EST

    EXFO - FTTH Network Monitoring and Innovative Certification Method from CO

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    Controlling expenses related to operation, support and maintenance of FTTH networks is key for operators to ensure fast return on their capital investments.   Nowadays, for FTTH deployments, vendors offer platform-agnostic (equipment-vendor independent) in-service OTDR testing and monitoring from the central office. Specifically, to capture, locate and report fiber impairments from the central office, three solutions are available on the market. 

    • Out-of-band OTDR without any end-of-line reflective termination
    • Out-of-band OTDR with large-band reflectors (i.e. reflecting strongly at 1600 nm and above)
    • Out-of-band OTDR with narrow-band reflectors (i.e. reflecting strongly only at specific wavelengths [e.g.; 1650 nm]) 

    This presentation will show and discuss the various available solutions and their respective pros and cons. Finally, a new methodology will be presented to certify new PON installations from the central office using a 1310-nm OTDR, a 1490-nm OTDR and a broadband reflector.

    Speaker: Olivier Plomteux – Senior Product Line Manager, Optical Business Unit, EXFO

    About EXFO:  EXFO offers fully integrated and complete test solutions to network service providers, system vendors and component manufacturers in approximately 70 countries. We also leverage our core telecom technologies to offer value-added solutions in high-tech industrial manufacturing and research sectors.

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