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    New Consumer Research: The Impact of FTTH in 2014!

    Wednesday, July 23 at 2:00 PM EST


    The session will explore how the consumer becomes aware of FTTH, uses FTTH, appreciates FTTH, and changes lifestyles because of FTTH.  Early results from gigabit users will also be presented.  To add context, the views of service providers will be compared where appropriate.   Findings are based on 2014 market research that has just been completed among U.S. and Canadian consumers and providers.

    To help drive action, the presentation is organized into sections which will assist FTTH business and deployment decisions, improve FTTH marketing messaging and methods, and increase take rates and revenue per customer. 

     Presented by: Michael Render, President RVA LLC

    Michael C. Render Bio:  Michael Render is president and founder of RVA LLC.  RVA is a nationally known market research firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a 30 year history of diverse market research service to a wide range of firms ranging from well known Fortune 100 corporations to promising start-ups.    

    RVA is North America’s source for the most comprehensive and detailed data on advanced broadband and fiber-to-the-home services, and has followed this market since 2002.

    Render is frequently quoted in national trade and general interest publications on the subject.  He has made numerous presentations about FTTH to companies, industry groups, and government agencies, both in the US and Abroad.   For his work in FTTH market research, he received the 2007 Star award from the Fiber to the Home Council.

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