FTTH Council Regional Conference

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    Want Fiber? Learn What it Takes to Get It!
    March 30-31 | Hyatt Regency O'Hare | Chicago/O'Hare, Illinois

    Across America, communities are rewiring for the future with fiber-to-the-home connectivity. Community leaders are working toward a future where their communities are competitive in the global economy, where 21st century education and healthcare are not limited by bandwidth, and where citizens have access to better services.

    No community can afford to be left behind in the all-fiber revolution. But how will they be part of it? There is no single answer – incumbent telephone operators, electric cooperatives, new broadband entrants and municipal governments are all engaged in bringing fiber to different communities.

    This is a big job, but the FTTH Council Americas can help. Join us this March at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare to hear from experts who have done this before, learn about what resources we have for you to use, and get started bringing better broadband to your community.

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